Our Structure

From the inception of the ministry God led us to adopt a core group system of leadership. He told us the new wine is found in the cluster (Isaiah 65:8). We understand this cluster as a group of people working in synergy towards the accomplishment of clearly defined objectives. This also better represents the apostolic example of church leaderships as we can see in the New Testament. The core group system is plural or group leadership and responsibility. It is a system where the gifts and calling of God on individuals determine their leadership roles. The leader of the general core group ipso facto becomes the leader of the Ministry and its Chief Executive Officer, otherwise called the General Overseer. Every corporate expression of the Ministry follows this pattern of leadership. The General core group in concert with the General Overseer constitutes the highest policy making organ of the Ministry that guides her Global activities.

Tiers of Leadership

General Core Group
National Core Groups
Regional Core Groups
State Core Group

Meet The Leadership

The General Core Group
Dr Cosmos Ilechukwu
He is the General Overseer of The Charismatic Renewal Ministries Inc., which has over 550 branches in Nigeria and around the world. A gifted teacher of the Word. He has been in Ministry for over 28 years. He is a graduate of University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University) and has a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration from Imo State University. He also has a Master’s Degree in Leadership from West Africa Theological Seminary and a Doctorate in Ministry, Transformational Leadership, from BAKEE Graduate University, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.An avid reader and prolific writer, Dr. Ilechukwu has authored several books, including: – “Understanding the Ministry of Intercession”, “Pray or Perish”, “Breaking Forth With Kingdom Power”, “You Can Make The Difference”, amongst others. Heis the International Director of The International Ministers’ Fellowship, a global network of Churches and ministers, in over 23 Countries in Africa, UK and USA. He is also the founder and Chairman of African Centre for Christian Leadership and the former chairman of the Imo State chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (C.A.N.) He is married to Deola and together they are blessed with four Children – Nzubechukwu, Chibuokem, Chideraand Kosolochukwu.

Pst. Gerry Ukah
Pst. Adeola Ilechukwu
Pst. Joe Mensah
Pst. Robert Agbahia
Pst. Greg Ugwu
Pst. Bon Achumba

National Leaders

GAMBIA – Pst. Tony Chibueze
UNITED KINGDOM – Pst. Kolade Akin
SOUTH AFRICA – Pst. Light Eze
TOGO – Pst. Emma Gberekpe
USA – Pst. Peter Ezekwenna
CAMEROUN – Pst. Jude Ukpabi
SIERRA LEONE – Pst. Chris Roberts
GHANA – Pst. Louis Benson
LIBERIA – Pst. Mike Ameh