Our Vision

“Start preparing the people for the Great Harvest in the Catholic Church. The harvest is ripe as at now, but the labourers are few. I want those with faithful and obedient hearts. You have to make them understand what it means to have authority. You have to love one another because love covers a multitude of sins. It is when you have love, one for another that you will agree as the apostles did, and then you shall do great and mighty things in my Name.” – Feb. 18th 1980

Our Mission

To recruit by evangelism, faithful men and women who are taught, trained and equipped by the Word of God for the end time global Revival which is the great harvest in the Catholic Church.

Our Beliefs

Love, Faithfulness, Obedience, Authority, Unity, Prayer and Evangelism

Our Anthem

We shall have revival,
Cost what it may,
Pentecostal Fire,
Shall descend again,
We must tarry in prayer,
With faith and accord,
Until God answers us,
With revival flames.