JesusOUR GOD AND FATHER An Exposition on the Theme for 2016

By Cosmas Ilechukwu General Overseer, CRM
Text:  “Now to our God and Father be glory forever and ever. Amen” (Philippians 4:20 NKJV).

Introduction:  A nagging dilemma in the mind of every traditional Jew is whether the Creator can also be a Father to His creature in a truly filial relationship. God was hardly called Father in the Old Testament except as a metaphor for the creator (Isaiah 64:8, Malachi 2:10).  To the people of the Old Testament, God was the Almighty One, the Mysterious One who must be worshipped with fear and trembling. The emphasis was on the otherness of God –God who is so much unlike His creatures and so separate from them that the idea of Him as Father is very farfetched. And they were very correct. But this great and fearsome God is a Father to Jesus and to all who would place their faith in Jesus. God as Father underscores two essential qualities of Him that must be held in tandem to each other namely; His love for His creatures and His lordship over His creatures. While we are invited to approach as a child would a father, we must do so with a deep sense of respect and reverence as a slave would his master. Download OUR GOD AND FATHER 2016 theme here

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